Best Family Sport in the Black Hills!


 Welcome to the Track Championship series!

The Series has 20 races to hit we will be scoring the best 17 out of 20! This means you can drop 3 results or miss 3 races but remember you get 10 bonus points for hitting all 20 Races! There are other ways to earn bonus points so check out the Rules and Guidelines!

Current Points Standings

Awards this year!

  • 1st Place- Trophy and DK Race Bike (if we have 20+ riders in the series)
  • 2nd Place- Trophy and DK Race Frame (If we have 20+ riders in the series)
  • 3rd Place - Trophy and $50 gift certificate for the BE BMX Race Shop (If we have 20+ riders in the series)

Points System

1st place = 15 points

2nd place = 10 points

3rd place = 5 points

4th-8th place = 2 points

Bonus Points

  • Qualify first round in a moto with 4-8 riders (1 bonus point)
  • Take first every moto for the day for a "Clean Sweep"  ( 5 bonus points)
  • Race all 20 races in the series (10 bonus points)

Rider Points

  • You will receive 1 point for every rider in your moto or class

Cost to run the series

  • Pre-Signup for the Series for $20 if by April 28th!
  • One time fee of $25

Sign up for the series at Reg.

Points Grid for TCS